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Hand Painted Electric Wax/Oil Warmers

These warmers use a 35 watt 110v Halogen bulb as the warming unit instead of a tea light, therefore this is no flame to worry about.  They are adjustable, making it easy for you to put out the amount of scent that you want in your room. 

Simply place 1 of your melt squares in the dish, turn it on, and enjoy!

Note:  DO NOT TOUCH YOUR HALOGEN BULB- THEY WILL BURN OUT FROM SKIN OILS! Do not get wax in the bulb area- doing so will burn out the bulb and possibly your cord, as your dimmer switch has a trip protection in it to protect your electric outlet.

These are hand-painted warmers. I do not make the warmers, only paint them.  They are painted with a dishwasher safe paint that will retain the beautiful colors!

To order product please email me at with what you would like and I will send you an invoice.  Once that is paid I will ship your order.  Shipping generally costs between $8-$14 depending on the size of the order and where it's going.  You will have exact shipping cost on your invoice.

All warmers are $18 including  package of melts in your choice of scent.

Please write the scent you would like on your order,


 35 watt Halogen Replacement Bulb

$2 each

Rose tall dec 2015 updated.jpeg

Clear Replacement Dish

$2 Each

Rose Tall


Black and White Star in Circle

Red Tall

Red tall dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Turquoise Tall

Turquoise Tall updated.jpg


Turquoise Square

Turquoise square dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Light Blue Square

Lt Blue square dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Blue Tall

Blue tall dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Green Tall

Green tall dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Coral Tall

Coral Tall updated.jpg


White Tall

White tall dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Light Purple Tall

Lt Purple tall dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Purple Tall

Purple tall dec 2015 uodated.jpeg


Purple Square

Purple square dec 2015 updated.jpeg


Light Brown Tall

Lt Brown tall dec 2015updated.jpeg


Gray Square

Gray Square.JPG


Black Square

Black square dec 2015 updated.jpeg


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